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Fun But Useful Website Links




If you know of any Fun But Useful Web Sites,
email me and I'll add them to the page.

If you come across any links that aren't working,
let me know and I will fix them.

Hungry Girl This is a great site! It's packed with all sorts of information and it's just really fun to hang out there. Be sure to check it out! You can easily spend hours there just reading. :)  Lisa has done a really good job on her site, sharing all of her information with others to help them lose weight.
Weight and BP Tracker This is a great website with a great service, all for free! An easy way to track your weight (includes a weight loss graph), blood pressure, inches and even your points. You can also add journal entries and print or email your progress. Check it out!
Calories Burned Calculator This is a really fun site. I'm not sure how accurate it is, but it's neat. You simply enter in your information, click the activity you want to know about and it will tell you how many calories you burned in 1 hour.
Hydration Calculator When you enter your weight and the number of minutes you will be exercising today, this handy tool will calculate the recommended water intake that is tailored to your individual needs.
Calorie Needs Calculator Lots of health calculators to keep you busy. :)
FitDay A free web site designed to help you track and analyze the important aspects of your diet and fitness.
My Virtual Model Build a model that looks like you at your current weight, and then change the weight to see what you'll look like at goal. You can even change your wardrobe. This is great!!! :)

 ***I'll add more as I discover new things***


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