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Recipe Website Links




If you know of any good recipe sites,
email me and I'll add it to the page.

Note: Although many Personal Weight Watcher sites offer points with their recipes, you should Always re-calculate the points for yourself. Some people think they are calculating the points correctly when they aren't, others aren't using the same points system that you may be using, and then you have to take into account the different nutritional information in the many brand names on the market.

If you come across any links that aren't working,
let me know and I will fix them.

All Recipes A goldmine of recipes. They don't have WW points, but it's a good place to get ideas when you're not sure about what you want to make for dinner. :)
Recipe Zaar Another site with LOTS of recipes!
Anita's Recipes Hundreds of low fat tested recipes, with new additions added weekly.
Meals For You Look up recipes according to taste, diet, nutrition, time, etc.
Recipe Goldmine Recipes of all sorts, not just for humans. :)

Weight Watcher Recipes

This site offers over 1090 recipes! 

100 Favorite Recipes Weight Watcher Member "Invenanet" posted these recipes to a Weight Watchers message board in honor of losing her first hundred pounds!!
Recipe Goldmine Another non-weight watcher recipe site, but well worth looking at. They do have a low fat section. You will have to figure up the points on your own.
100 + Community
Favorite Recipes
 Recipes collected from the 100+ Community Board.
Diabetic Cooking A good site for diabetics and non-diabetics following the WW Program. They don't list points, but they do list nutritional information.
Cooking Light From the makers of Cooking Light Magazine. Nutritional information is listed with each recipe.
Low-Cal Diner A place to get Low Calorie Low Fat Recipes! This site lists nutritional information and WW points.
Nickaduck's Recipe Nook Lots of recipes. The WW recipe section is calculated using the 1-2-3 Success plan, so be sure to double check the points.
Bear Lover's Recipes I can't even begin to go into all the recipes offered here. There's also a huge list of their favorite sites.
Fat Free This archive has 4,667 fat free and very low fat vegetarian recipes as well as information about healthy very low fat vegetarian diets. 
Spice Source If you like spices, this is the place for you. :) This site has lots of recipes to make your own spices.


Crockpot Only

Crockery Kitchen No points or nutritional information are given, but there are lots of recipes all for the crockpot! You should be able to substitute low fat ingredients and re-write your own recipes from these. You'll get lots of ideas from this site!
Just Crockpot Recipes An abundance of crockpot recipes! They aren't written for WW members, but you should be able to substitute low fat/fat free ingredients for most of them and figure the points for yourself.
Tasty Crockpot Recipes Another site that doesn't include nutritional information, but they do have a lot of recipes!
Cooking Cache More crockpot recipes to keep you busy. :)
Crockery Kitchen Over 2000 recipes all dedicated to the crockpot. You can search by ingredient too which is very helpful when looking for a recipe.

***I'll add more as I discover new things***


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