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Nutritional Website Links




If you know of any Nutritional Web Sites,
email me and I'll add them to the page.

If you come across any links that aren't working,
let me know and I will fix them.

Nutrition Data This site maintains a larger food database than the USDA, includes information on some fast foods, food additives, and provides many useful tools for analyzing your diet. The quickest way to find out what's good and bad about the foods you eat.
DietFacts.com This site is the coolest! It shows you a nutritional label for restaurants and brand name
grocery items. 
Produce Oasis Information on fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs including selection tips, nutrition data, seasonal peaks, recipes and trivia.
Calorie King This is a great site! The link will take you to their fast food listings for restaurants. If you'd like to see the rest of the site, simply click "Home" when you get to the site. Check out their "Food Database" too while you're there.
Calorie Counter Database A calorie calculator to determine the calorie, fat, and other nutritional data for thousands of foods.
My Calorie Counter This site has the most comprehensive food and nutrition database search engine on the web with nutritional data on more than 45,000 foods. They are adding new foods daily.
Bar-By-Bar-Co. Are you dying to have a candy bar? Well, here's a site that lists nutritional information on just about every candy bar on the market. Do your research before you search for your favorite candy bar!
Nutri-Facts Free source for nutrition information on almost six thousand different foods.
Nutrient Data Laboratory This is a government site where you can view reports on foods by single nutrients, such as calcium or niacin, see how much fat is in something and more.
Cyberdiet Get calorie and nutrition information from over 40 fast food and chain restaurants!
Virtual Pizza Parlor
Want some pizza but have no idea how to count it? This website will let you build your own pizza and tell you the nutritional information for each slice.
Alcohol Calories and Points Wondering how many points are in that beer or cocktail? This is the place to go.

 ***I'll add more as I discover new things***


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