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Helpful Website Links




If you know of any helpful Web Sites,
email me and I'll add them to the page.

If you come across any links that aren't working,
let me know and I will fix them.

Weight Watchers The Official Weight Watchers Web Site. Get class schedules, support, recipes and more!
Dotti's Weight Loss Zone Dotti has an awesome site packed with lots of information. Anyone on WW must check it out!
JoAnna Lund's Site JoAnna Lund has wonderful cookbooks! She is the creator of the Healthy Exchanges program. I own almost all of her books and also subscribe to her food newsletter. You should check out her site.
Journal To Success A great support site with recipes, message boards, journals, and a lot of information to help you lose weight and meet others on their weight loss journey.
Health Discovery Home of the Bootcamp Buddies Support Forum. This is FREE to join. They also have lots of info and recipes. Be sure to check them out.
HalfMySize.com Pamela has a cool and useful website full of recipes, resources, support and tools to help you achieve your weight loss goals.
The Pointers This support group created to help anyone who is on a weight loss journey.  They post their daily journals to the email list, along with tasty recipes, weight loss tips, motivational sayings, and anything else related to losing weight!
Dana's Weight Loss Journey Dana has lost over 100 pounds! She offers weight loss challenges on her site for anyone interested in committing themselves to follow through. Participation is limited to 50 people.
The Mermaid Squadron The Mermaids are a group of WW members that are pledging to drink more than the daily water requirement.
Spice Advice This site has lots of good info about spices. Learn which spices are best for the dish you're making. Not sure if your spices are fresh or when/how to add spices? It's all here at Spice Advice.

 ***I'll add more as I discover new things***


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