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Lift Off - The Beginning of Your Diet

You are in the beginning phase of your diet. Here are some tips that will help you get through that first difficult week as your body adjusts to your new, healthy lifestyle. Pull out your peach bubble bath and let's get started! 

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy! This peach bubble bath is heavenly! Your main goal  for the next week is to get through the week and still be on your diet!  Sounds very simple, but it's not. The weekend can be a killer. 

Some things you can expect are: 
You may feel jittery. 
You may feel irritable - like you are on a 'I hate my mother-in-law high'. 
You will be hungry. Please hide anything chocolate in a place where you
can't find it. 
You may feel weak. 
You may feel deprived. 
You may feel depressed.
It's just not happening fast enough! 

Some things you can do to get through the first week: 
Take a bubble bath. 
Get a massage. If that doesn't relax you, nothing will. 
Get involved in ANYTHING that will get your mind off of your diet. 
Ask your mate to supply you with lots of hugs this week. Hugs release 
stress. The next time you get hugged take note of the tenseness leaving 
your body. 

Don't forget: 
To take your vitamins; 
To plan out your meals; 
To sit down to eat; 
To eat SLOWLY - like a little turtle, bite by bite to make it last; 
To take time to get in a good walk; 

Stay happy and laugh! This is a positive time! 

As your diet progresses, things can get very tough in the evenings. 
However, you'll get to where if you eat too late, it will make you a bit 
sick. If you can last out in the evenings, it will really show up on the 
scale! A big payoff!! 

If you are incorporating exercise into your fitness program the added 
benefit is that the new muscle will take more calories to maintain - so 
therefore you will burn more calories each day! 

Losing weight is a bit like a tire with a tiny nail in it. It slowly 
deflates and one day it's flat. Just continue to be patient and good
things will come.

~Author Unknown~




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