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Back on Track with Your Weight Loss Program

 By Shane Idleman
(excerpts from "What Works When Diets Don't")

 From time to time, you may feel helpless and depressed while
trying to lose weight because weight-loss is taking longer than
planned. You may even lose confidence in your ability, and feel
like giving up and returning to your familiar comfort zone.
DON'T! This thinking is absolutely wrong! Press through. You are
developing the very important principle of perseverance.

There is a saying that "Ships are safest in the harbor, but they
are not made for the harbor." Likewise, you were designed to
weather the storms of life. When life becomes difficult and
challenging, set your sites on your goal, not the challenge, and
pass through.

You were not created to fail-you were created to succeed. There
is a blessing just beyond the circumstance. Simply trust despite
appearances and keep moving forward.

Yes, life can be difficult and challenging, but that shouldn't
be reason to give up; it should be reason to fight back.

How you respond to a situation is just as important, and, in
many cases, more important than the situation itself.

When you allow your emotions to dictate your actions, you lose
control of the situation. Being overweight may be your present
circumstance, but it does not have to be your future condition!
Remember, you were created to weather the storms, successfully!

Set realistic goals-expect results

When setting daily, weekly, or monthly goals, keep the long-
term goal in mind, and record your timetable for completion.
Your goal is primary; the time it takes to reach your goal is

Make your goals realistic and obtainable, yet challenging!
(The first goal I set was to lose five pounds in 15 days. My
focus was on that goal. I hit it, and moved on to the next.)

Focus on the smaller daily, weekly, and monthly goals, and
before you know it, you will reach your long-term goal. A
successful plan begins with a solid vision of how you want to
look and feel. Again, stayed focused on your goal and not on
your present condition, or current setback.

Begin by determining how many inches you want to lose around
your waist or other areas, and set a weight-loss goal if you so
desire. Those goals may be changed, or altered as you progress.

Be as specific as possible when setting your goals. When you
generalize your goals, you lose the effectiveness that precise
goal setting allows you to experience. For example, if you were
to leave California and head for Virginia with little direction
except "head eastbound," you'd likely fail to reach your
destination without stopping to ask for specific directions.
Likewise, don't allow goal setting to be too general, it will be
ineffective. Know where you're going, and how to get there.
Again, expect delays, detours, and roadblocks,
but don't let them discourage you from your destination. The
goal you set today will be the reward you receive tomorrow.




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