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What You Don't Miss About Overeating

When dieting, some people think about all the things they missed eating. Rarely do they think about things that they 'don't miss' about overeating like:

*That terrible 'overstuffed' feeling. It feels like you ate lead and it sticks with you for HOURS and sometimes days if you've had Mexican.

*That feeling of always searching for, "what can I eat now". Remember how that was? You'd finish one thing and start thinking about what else you could eat - like a machine. Isn't it good to know that you have control over what you eat now? You don't wake up every morning eating one thing after another until bedtime - and thinking about what you can eat next and next and next. You now plan what you will eat. You are in control and not out of control.

*The feeling of failure.

*The feeling of guilt because you 'know' that you shouldn't eat something that's actually harming your body. Sure, we can treat ourselves from time-to-time, but an excess of foods loaded with fat will just plain end up clogging our arteries.

*That feeling of being self-conscious that people are looking at you and your shape and judging you for it. If you are relating to these feelings,

then you've probably dropped a good amount of weight now. Aren't you glad you're not where you were? People can actually begin to see you shaping
up and they have to respect that.

*Belching, bloating, gas, potty time - sure, everyone is going to have that but when you overeat those functions intensify.

*Fat clothes with no waistlines or belts.

*Other people watching what you eat and commenting on it.

*That desire to be thin again and feeling like you'll never be that again. Now you KNOW, that it's going to be yours again. You are going to be fit again! Remember, you are already there in your mind.

*And that feeling of, "Just how big am I going to end up?"

Relax and take a bubble bath tonight and try to stay away from the kitchen goodies. Don't let the diet plateau disarm your progress or your good thoughts!

~Author Unknown~




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