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Below are some interesting articles I thought you might like to read.
Most of them have come through e-groups I belong to. I have given credit where credit is due on each article unless I didn't know who wrote it. If you are the author and do not wish to have your article on my site, please
email me and I'll give credit or remove it.


Season of Temptation

How to Improve Your Body Image while Still Hating Your Body
A Little About Failure
Top 10 Traits of Successful Losers
52 Tips For Losing Weight
Yule Survive
Emotional Eating
Lift Off-The Beginning of Your Diet
UFO's - Unidentified Fat Food Objects
What You Don't Miss About Overeating
50 Ways to Snack in 100 Calories or Less
Back on Track with Your Weight Loss Program
The Final Push; Dieters Find a Reason To Lose
Gain Sleep; Lose Weight
A Body Blow to High-Protein Diets
Losing Your Noodle
Ways to Make and Keep Your New Year's Resolutions
Skipping Meals Just Makes You Want To Eat More
Small Sacrifices Make for Lasting Weight Loss
Sugar Addict's Anonymous- How To Stop The Cravings
10 Ways to Put Health on the Menu
Making More Less
Our Portions, Ourselves
Five Foods for Better Health
50 Different Ways to Eat Your Veggies and Fruits




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